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We have established the company Leghila for almost 2 years already. It is a platform which we are operating successfully over time. Leghilais an online fundraising and marketing platform helping schools, charities, and other charitable organization. It is the first ever modern online fundraising platform where you can donate just by using your loyalty membership points that you’ll get from your favorite brands. Leghila enables business companies to execute their marketing plan and strategies to encourage effective and engaging fundraising for the consumers without them feeling inconvenienced in the process. Your consumers will be allowed to use their loyalty member points’ currency to donate to their desired charity or schools. In this way, many consumers will be more inspired to shop from your brand and donate using their loyalty points. Leghila mission is to help many public schools, charitable institutions, and organizational charities through people with a big heart. Such include business owners as they benefit themselves by being able to promote their products in the process. However, Leghila does not want to collect any money or pledges from other people. So, with the brainstorming of the members of our company, this came up in their ideas.

Based on the city of Houston, Texas, Leghila is an extraordinary company. Although we are still new in the business, we are already recognized and considered as a huge help not only in those schools and charities but also to many brands and shops. Through our platform, many people recognized and commended their favorite businesses as well.

If you would like Leghila’s help on your business, you may contact us via phone call. You can also email us or visit us personally in our headquarters in Houston. You are very much welcome in our team and we are looking forward to seeing you in our one of affiliates.

For everyone who loves to shop, it will not harm you if you let those in need to collect your loyalty rewards. It will not cost you and the good fact is that you would be able to even help them without getting money from your pocket.