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Below are the most asked questions sent to our website. We’ve compiled them and post them in here knowing that it will help you find the answers to your questions. This page is very convenient and useful. If you do not find the answers to your question here, then you are encouraged to send us an email so we can answer them immediately.

What is Leghila?
Leghila is an online platform where businesses allow consumers to shop, earn, and donate using reward points. For more details on the mission and vision of Leghila, please browse through our website or email us referring to what you want to know about Leghila. Thank you!
I am a business owner of a clothing brand and I want to be an affiliate of Leghila. Please let me know how to join your team.
Thank you for showing an interest in our team, you are very much welcome in Leghila company. If you’ve already decided to be a part of our team, please see us personally in our office located in Houston, Texas. You can also email us regarding your concern and we will arrange a meeting for you which will be convenient for your time. Leghila contact information can be found in our Contact Us Page.
How to redeem my loyalty points and donate them to the schools I like to help?
Donating isa very simple process in Leghila. After you received enough points to redeem your loyalty points, all you have to do is to redeem them in the usual way you do it. After that, they will give you an option on how to spend them and by donating is one of the options. That is when you can choose the schools and charity you want. Choose the keyword and it will go directly to your designated recipient. The accumulated points will be converted into money. It’s just simple like that!