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Below are some of the recent testimonials of the businesses who joined our team and the consumers who already tried our online fundraising. Please read it first if you have any doubt on our website. These reviews and comments are valid and true. They are posted here so you can get an idea on how we work.

I used to shop online from my favorite brand and I found out that they are members of the Leghila team that are collecting donations using loyalty points. I was glad to know how this Leghila works for this kind of fundraising. I have loyalty points in some of my favorite brands but I didn’t redeem them. But now, I have a valuable reason to redeem my loyalty points and I know that it will help a lot of students in the school that I have chosen to donate my loyalty points to. Thank you Leghila for working hard to create a platform and making it possible to donate using loyalty points from shoppers.
I have my own business running online. There are loyalty membership points as well in my brand and I have many shoppers who took advantage of my shop’s loyalty membership card. The reason is they want their loyalty points to donate in schools and charitable institutions and organization supported by Leghila. They are happy that I joined Leghila because they can use loyalty points at the most valuable purposes. I thank Leghila for doing such a great job and coming up with this kind of an idea. It is original and one-of-a-kind.
Hi, Leghila! I’ve been a shopper of my favorite brand and I noticed recently that they have added an option in redeeming my loyalty membership points. I used to donate to some charities and now, I can even use my loyalty points to do so. I am so glad that Leghila has been designed and created to help others. Thank you so much Leghila.