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Welcome to Leghila! We are inviting you to shop, earn and donate through our platform.

Are you running a business online? Or do you love shopping in the online marketplace? Do you have a generous heart to donate with orphanage, schools, charity or other organizational charities? Whatever you are in these options, Leghila invites you to register with us and we will help you shop, grow your business and donate money without even wasting it. How to donate? Simply, shop on the affiliate marketplace of Leghila and these brands will provide loyalty membership cards to you where you can accumulate points from your shopping. And these points are redeemable and will give you a chance to exchange into discounts on your next shopping. However, due to the improved technologies and newest ideas, you can redeem and convert your points into cash and donate it to the charity you’d like to help.

Charity, Business and Consumers | leghila.com

Leghila is the first ever modern fundraising platform that offers all types of businesses a unique way to execute their marketing plan and strategies using our idea by engaging on consumer fund. Business owners and consumers can participate in LEGHILA’s shop, earn, and donate concept without going out of the safety of their garage door in Mesa. By allowing shoppers to seamlessly convert their loyalty reward points currency into a donation, it will inspire many more consumers to support and purchase from your brand. Through the concept of Leghila, it will form a strong relationship between your brand and the consumer which will, in turn, drive the influx of more customers and encourage them to purchase more and acquire loyalty membership.

For schools, charities who struggle with their methods of fundraising, LEGHILA’s platform can help you. We will be your bridge to simplify your fundraising process and efforts through shifting donation to your accounts using the loyalty points of the consumers that can be converted into cash. We will be adding you in the cause which the businesses we are in partnership with are supporting. Through selling their goods, businesses will help consumers to support their cause as the consumers acquire loyalty membership cards.

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For the businesses, you are able to support your cause by joining our team and becoming a part of us. Asking for support from your consumers on your products will be guaranteed effective. Once they hear that they can donate without picking money on their wallet, it will be good news for them. Who doesn’t want to help others, right? As long as people can support or help, they will actually do it. All you have to do is to join LEGHILA and ask your consumers to support for a cause.

For the Consumers who have a big heart to give their points to the charities and schools supported by the brand you usually choose then shopping, you are helping a lot of people with your blessing.

Leghilais a platform with shop, earn, and donate system. Through this concept, you will be given a preference whether you want to donate your accumulative points to the cause or you want to exchange them for discounts on your next shopping. Leghila will become your platform and source to give to
others. You can also invite your friends to shop in those affiliates of LEGHILA and acquire points from the loyalty awards and exchange them to donation too.